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Which are most well-read cities?

ORANGE, home to Chapman University and Santiago Canyon College, has been named the “most well-read” large city in the U.S. (Chapman photo).

Reading is often associated with comprehension, critical thinking and even being an interesting conversationalist.

The online reading platform Preply has made an attempt to identify the cities in the United States considered to be the “most well-read,” and two Orange County cities have made the top 10.

Preply has based its ratings on a variety of factors including education, reading spots (including libraries and bookshops), resources, events and awards.

The top score in the nation and state among the 200 largest cities in the U.S. went to Orange. In sixth is Huntington Beach, with Irvine in 34th, Fullerton in 39th, Anaheim 69th and Garden Grove 126th.

Five of the seven local cities named were homes to universities and/or community colleges. Orange, for example, has Chapman University and Santiago Canyon College.

Huntington Beach has Golden West College and Fullerton has  a California State University campus and Fullerton College. Irvine has a University of California campus and Irvine Valley College. Santa Ana has Santa Ana College.

Additionally, top-ranked Orange has a large Barnes & Noble bookstore, as does Huntington Beach.

Other Southern California cities ranked in the top 50 were Torrance (third) and Pasadena (fifth). Oceanside is 21st, Glendale is 29th and Santa Clarita is 50th. 

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