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The true purpose of the day

MEMORIAL DAY is more than just a holiday preface to summer (Shutterstock).

For many Americans, Memorial Day is significant as the unofficial start of summer. Or (for some) a four-day weekend. Or a day off work.

Of course the true and original purpose of the day is to remember the American warriors who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, losing their lives so that the rest of us can be free and safe.

Since the Revolution over one million of our countrymen (and women) were killed in our wars. That doesn’t count the millions who were wounded, some of them so grievously their lives were forever changed.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying this holiday with a hot dog, a beer (or root beer) and some cotton candy. But it would be appropriate to take just a moment to remember and those who made our American way of life possible.

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  1. What a load of crap. Our sons died for US imperialism and corporate greed. They didn’t die for our freedom. Why do you glorify war and death?

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