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Five Westminster candidates raise $90k

CAMPAIGN contributions for the 2016 Westminster mayoral and city council races have been revealed.

CAMPAIGN contributions for the 2016 Westminster mayoral and city council races have been revealed.

By Jim Tortolano

Five candidates for Westminster city council have filed campaign contribution and expense statements and they show that over a nearly three-month period, they raised a combined $90,275.

In the Nov. 8 election, voters will elect two city council members and a mayor. Tri Ta is the incumbent mayor and incumbent council members seeking re-election are Diane Carey and Sergio Contreras.

Brodie's ART Template MASTERThe filing period is from July 1 to Sept. 24. Contributions received after that period are reported on separate forms. These figures are from reports filed with the city clerk and are public record.

Diana Carey: She’s raised $25,396 and spent $15,758 with cash on hand of $17,183. Principal contributors are Westminster Police Association ($5000), Ginger Anderson ($2000) and five contributors who have given $1000 each (Christopher Townsend, The Kralow Company, Alan Lowenthal for Congress, HW Senior Apartment Housing and Airstream Orange County. She has also lent herself $5045.

Sergio Contreras: He’s raised $28,484 and spent $20,637. His statement reports a cash-on-hand balance of $93,508 (funds from previous filing periods or campaigns can be carried over). Principal contributors are primarily labor organizations: nine union political action committees have given a total of $12,000. Other contributors are Affinity Housing, Airstream OC and Kongpheng Chithavong, all giving $1000 each.

Kimberly Ho: She has raised $17,108, spent $22,004 and reported a cash-on-hand balance of $72,224. For year-to-date, she’s raised $91,288. Her principal contributors include Tuan Ho ($2000) and HW Apartment Homes ($2000). She loaned herself $25,000 and received non-cash contributions of $5088 from Wholesale Sign and Printing.

Margie Rice: She has raised $11,238, spent $11,380 and reports a cash-on-hand total of $5640. Principal contributors include ­– all giving $1000 – are CR&R, June Traver, Republic Services and Kimmi Voung. Rice also loaned her campaign $1000.

Tri Ta: He has raised $8049 and spent $21,965. He reported cash-on-hand of $111,964. Principal contributors are Startool ($2500) and three $1000 contributors: ABC Supermarket, Clear Channel Worldwide and Orchid Management.

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