Advertising with The Tribune

ADVERTISING in the Orange County Tribune allows you to reach a wide audience for pennies a day, an audience which is growing daily.

So why should you consider advertising in The Tribune? What’s in it for you? What’s in it for the community?

Some points to ponder

  • As newspapers decline in circulation and local coverage, how can you reach keep customers and attract new ones?
  • How can a small business or non-profit with a limited budget reach the right audience without a big expenditure?
  • Do you have the resources to create a professional ad with persuasive copy and attractive images in full color?
  • Does being in prominent view of your community have a benefit to you?

What we offer

The Tribune is a fast-growing daily news site, updated more than daily. We carry news, opinion, arts and sports articles and photos for the communities of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster.

Our viewership is rising all the time. In 2020, we had nearly 432,000 views and over 285,000 visitors.

Ads in The Tribune appear on the “front page” of the website, which means that when a reader switches from page to page, your ad is there, too. Readers who click on your ad are sent directly to your website, if you have one.

Marketing experts know that repetition is often the key to successful advertising. Most of your customers aren’t ready to buy your product at the time they first see your ad, but repeated views can later bear fruit.

IT DOESN’T cost much to reach The Tribune’s large and growing audience.

Our Amazing Marketing Deal

At present, our ads are sold at the left and right columns of the home page (and appear on every page and post). For a one-column wide by six-inch ad, the price for six months is $150.

That’s right … 26 weeks, 180-plus days of a full-color ad for a cost of less than a dollar a day.

And once you start advertising with us, you can submit your own ad, or we can design it for you.  You can change your ad once a month, if you care to. If you renew your ad, we can keep your price the same for a total of three years, even though the audience you reach is almost certainly going to be growing each year. All ads must be paid in advance.

How about shorter term ads?

The Tribune accepts shorter-term advertising at higher per-day rates. A minimum insertion of one week (seven days) is required, with a total charge of $49. All ads must be paid in advance.

What do you do next?

Contact us by e-mail at or call Jim at (714) 458-1860. It’s easy and he’s friendly.

By the way …

The Tribune does not accept advertising that is primarily devoted to the sale of alcohol, tobacco products, cannabis or firearms. We reserve the right to accept or decline advertising that we determine is inappropriate.