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There is accounting for action, love

ANNA KENDRICK and Ben Affleck star in "The Accountant," possibly the greatest action movie ever made about bookkeeping.

ANNA KENDRICK and Ben Affleck star in “The Accountant,” possibly the greatest action movie ever made about bookkeeping.

It was a long time coming, but he’s finally here… “The Accountant.” Finally, a super hero for the pocket protector crowd. We went, as an office, to the opening show at the Irvine Spectrum this last Friday afternoon. Closed the office the day before the final filing extension deadline and went to the show. What a rush (I can’t tell you how daring it felt to break some rules).

Your Money Matters logoHow was it? In a word – amazing! The hero of our film – portrayed by Ben Affleck – does not disappoint. In the opening scene, he educates, and then assists a client with an office in the home deduction. Gripping from the get go. And he moves on to a complete forensic analysis of fifteen years of a private (about to go public mind you) corporations’ financials statements. This guy is amazing.

There is a love interest – a woman (played by Anna Kendrick) most of us in the accounting world have encountered from time to time. She’s technically brilliant, socially witty, smartly outfitted, and emotionally needy. Not a public accountant, but no need to hold that against her. And, of course, the Treasury Agent about-to-retire looking for one big score to cap off a public service career long on drudgery and short on accomplishment.

You want plot twists? “The Accountant” has ‘em. High tech gadgets you say? Of course. All of this and an electric pencil sharpener (that’s all it does – sharpen pencils electronically) that just made my Christmas list.

Yup, move over Jack Reacher and John Wick. It’s “The Accountant’s” turn to balance the books, coming to cubicle near you!

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