Garden Grove

Downtown grows, new fire station?

GARDEN GROVE fire truck (GGFD photo).

GARDEN GROVE fire truck (GGFD photo).

The downtown area may soon be growing as the Garden Grove Planning Commission on Thursday considers the development of a two-story work-live complex on what’s now a vacant lot.

Far West Industries is proposing to build a 16-unit building at 11222 Garden Grove Blvd., just east of Euclid Street. The project is located on what years ago was the site of a Craig’s coffee shop, and is adjacent to the Lincoln Adult Education Center.

GG-Logo_lgAs proposed, the building would have two commercial spaces facing Garden Grove Boulevard and 14 condominiums, all of it on a 25,000-square foot lot. The storefronts would have 18-foot ground floor spaces with large storefront windows.

The live-work concept is part of the city’s plan for the downtown area as a pedestrian-oriented district providing work, shopping and recreational activities nearby.

Also on the agenda is a proposal by the City of Garden Grove to begin the process of building a new fire station serving the Harbor Boulevard area. The planners will take up a proposal to replace a 1,000-square foot community building in West Haven Park (12252 West St.) with a new 2,000-foot structure. The new structure will be located on the same spot as the existing one, but the playground and playground equipment will be moved north.

That’s to accommodate an 8,300-square foot fire service facility toward the southern part of the park property. It will be a single-story, three-bay building with 21 parking spaces shared with the park. The new fire station would be replacing the existing 1,300-square foot station at Chapman Avenue and Debby Lane. Originally a single-family home, it’s considered obsolete for the city’s current needs.

The commission meets at 7 p.m. the Community Meeting Center at 11300 Stanford Ave., Room B.

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