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Area survives heavy wind, rain storm

HEAVY winds Friday knocked over this tree and uprooted the sidewalk on a Garden Grove street (GGFD photo).

HEAVY winds Friday knocked over this tree and uprooted the sidewalk on a Garden Grove street (GGFD photo).

The fierce storm which lashed the Garden Grove-Huntington Beach-Westminster area on Friday flooded streets, knocked over trees, cut off electrical power and made travel a sometimes hazardous adventure has passed, and West Orange County came through pretty well.

There were a lot of “instant lakes,” power outages and fallen trees, but no serious injury accidents or fatalities.

In Westminster, there was flooding on Bishop Street near Brookhurst Street, causing some cars to stall. At least eight trees were felled by the high winds, and a man had to be rescued by the Orange County Fire Authority from the flood control channel in the area of Sherwood Street and Westminster Boulevard.

Authorities in Huntington Beach reported flooding in the area of Central Park (Goldenwest Street and Talbert Avenue) and along Newland Street and Pacific Coast Highway. On PCH, the southbound lanes at Warner Avenue were closed due to flooding.

In Garden Grove, an estimated 20 large trees were knocked over, including one that crushed an automobile. One fallen tree knocked out power in the area of Magnolia Street and Trask Avenue affecting 446 customers.

City staff and residents seemed pleased with the efforts of police, fire and public works departments to respond to the harsh weather. “Our success today was a testament to our planning and collaboration with other departments and the community,” said Garden Grove Fire Chief Tom Schultz.”

Although the worst of the weather has passed, the rainy season has not. Scattered rain showers are predicted all week through Tuesday, then resuming on Saturday, Feb. 25, when some precipitation is expected to resume.

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