Huntington Beach

Proposed homeless shelter site is sold

A BUILDING once planned as a “navigation site” for the homeless was sold Monday night by the Huntington Beach City Council (Shutterstock).

What was once planned as a location for a “navigation center” for the homeless was sold off Monday night by the Huntington Beach City Council.

The council voted 7-0 to sell the property at 15311 Pipeline Lane to Steve Chalabian and Jackie Jennigan for $2,744,000. The city had purchased the property in April for  $2,850,000.

Under the proposal, the center was planned to be open by this fall, providing shelter for men, women and couples, and have an approval process for potential users including no “walk-ins” or “walking out,” and no registered sex offenders, no one with outstanding felony warrants and a maximum stay of 90 days.

But the project – like those at other proposed shelter locations – was controversial from the start. Mayor Erik Peterson voted against the original purchase and many residents spoke against it in the four and one-half hours of discussion, questions and answers that preceded the vote in April.

Also on Monday night, the council:

  • approved a three-year professional services agreement with Wittman Enterprises worth $1,080,000 to provide billing services for emergency paramedic and ambulances services.
  • approved the appointments of Bud Benneman, Kevin Fockler, Kathleen McGowan, Joan Siegal and Corvi Urling to the city’s Environmental Board and the re-appointment of Tony Soriano to the board, as recommended by councilmembers Barbara Delgleize and Jill Hardy.

The next meeting of the council is set for Monday, Nov. 4.

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