No surprises: recall effort rejected

LATE COUNT on Westminster recall election (Shutterstock).

With the deadline for mail-in ballots having passed, Monday’s latest count in the recall election on the removal from office of three members of the Westminster City Council is roughly the same as the earliest tabulation.

Mayor Tri Ta and councilmembers Kimberly Ho and Chi Charlie Nguyen all prevailed in defeating their recall attempts, with “no” votes against their removal running in the range of 57 to 59 percent.

Here are the latest numbers as provided by the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

To recall Tri Ta

  • Yes: 6,956 (40.69 %)
  • No: 10,141 (59.31 %)

To recall Kimberly Ho

  • Yes: 7,271 (42.68 %)
  • No: 9,765 (57.32 %)

To recall Chi Charlie Nguyen

  • Yes: 7,209 (42.32 %)
  • No: 9,824 (57.68 %).

While none of the three will be recalled, here are the numbers on who would have taken their places if the recall had prevailed.

  • To replace Ta: Tai Do 4,911 (57.99 %).
  • To replace Ho: Carlos Manzo 3,259 (37.16 %)
  • To replace Nguyen: Jamison Power 7,474 (86.18%).

The total voter turnout was listed as 38 percent: 17,167 votes cast out of 45,218 registered voters.


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