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Coronavirus cases fall to 253

THE NUMBER of new reported COVID-19 cases dropped to 253 in Tuesday’s report (Shutterstock).

The tally of new reported COVID-19 cases took a steep drop on Tuesday, plummeting to 253 cases from 422 the day before. There were other encouraging signs, including a continuing decline in the “test-positivity” numbers.

According to the Orange County Health Care Agency, the total number of cases is now 38,006, of which 26,234 are considered to be recovered. Two new deaths were reported today (Tuesday), bringing that total to 653.

The total number of cases currently hospitalized is 539, with 167 of those in intensive care.

Tuesday’s figure of 8.6 percent on test positivity – which measures what portion of those people tested are shown to be infected with the virus, regardless of symptoms – shows a steady approach to the goal of less than 8 percent. It was 8.9 percent on Monday and 9.1 percent on Sunday.

Here is a list of the OC cities with the most coronavirus cases. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 7,288 (178).
  • Anaheim: 6,521 (157).
  • Garden Grove: 2,032 (25).
  • Orange: 1,744 (26).
  • Huntington Beach: 1,728 (47).

Westminster has 687 cases with 18 deaths; Stanton has 458 cases with six deaths.


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