GGUSD re-openings delayed

PUPILS in the Garden Grove Unified School District won’t be returning to class on Oct. 5 and 12 as previously announced (Shutterstock).

By Jim Tortolano

Campuses in the Garden Grove Unified School won’t be re-opening as scheduled in October.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the GGUSD Board of Education, President Walter Muneton read a statement about the change in plans.

Citing all the work that needed to be finished in organizing a hybrid in-person and virtual curriculum, he said “We have come to realize we will need more time and we cannot meet the Oct. 5 and 12 dates. We understand that parents have made plans based on these dates. We will soon be announcing an expansion of on-site supervision options to inform parents balancing work and their children’s distance learning.”

In the public comments segment of the meeting, the board heard recorded and written questions and statements from parents and district employees raising issues of health precautions, communications, staffing  and other factors affecting the timeline and conditions under which schools might be reopening.

On Sept. 3, the district sent a letter to parents announcing that pupils in grades pre-kindergarten through sixth grade would return on Monday, Oct. 5. Pupils in grades seven through 12 (intermediate and high schools) would return on Monday, Oct. 12.

Although conditions in Orange County related to the coronavirus pandemic have improved and many facets of society are “re-opening,” the complexity of the task involved demanded more time.

“It’s uncharted territory,” said Board Member Lan Quoc Nguyen (Trustee Area Two). “No one’s ever done it before.”

The next GGUSD board meetings are scheduled for Oct. 6 and 20.

The district serves most of Garden Grove as well as parts of Anaheim, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Stanton and Westminster.


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  1. What do you mean delay for more time to plan!!! The date was set in October, a month from the date we were approved to go back to school to give time to plan!!! That’s been enough time and other school districts have done it, so use their model. Get our kids to school please!

    • Ridiculous more time!! You all have had lots of time for this. The kids are suffering and not learning on a computer in the lower grade levels!!! This needs to be more if a priority to move faster and get these poor kids in school!!!

  2. I agree with Renee here! I thought that if Orange County flatten the curve our children will be able to go back and get the education that they deserve and that they are entitled to! Our children need to desperately be back in school!!! If parents don’t want their kids to go to school then that’s their choice and they can keep them home. I want my child back in school ASAP. I don’t know why people are dragging their feet at the Garden Grove unified school District but someone needs to light a fire.

  3. If my job keeps delaying entry back into our building saying it’s not safe, why would I expose my children by sending them to school? Schools should open once a vaccine is avalable and not before.

    • Unfortunately there’s not a safe and tested vaccine in place. Clinical trials are showing adverse reactions at this present moment! AstraZeneca just had to pause their trial. Why would you inject your child with an untested and rushed vaccine? You will do far more harm to your child if you think this is the only way. Do you research on this experimental vaccine. Future autoimmune disorders such as MS, cancers, Alzheimer’s as the all long term concerns. Please educate yourself instead of following mainstream media. A good place to start is researching why there’s a vaccine injury fund that pays out millions to injured children. There is no liability either, since the law passed in 1986. Watch Vaxxed or 1986 the Act documentaries where you will see things the government won’t tell you.

      Get yourself and your child vitamins C and D as even Dr. Fauci states that this will help. Zinc, sunshine to synthesize Vit D, and a healthy diet will provide you a strong immune system to fight this virus. Healthy people’s immune stat are already helping people recover without a vaccine. Please do your research if you truly care about your child.

  4. So the children with special needs whose parents are essential workers continue to suffer? Easy for the parents at home to keep adjusting to all the changes. Being essential is destroying so much of our family’s well being. You’ve had time stop sitting on your asses and figure this out.

  5. It’s the teachers union. Until their contracts are adjusted to allow full pay if they are forced to quarantine for 14 days when a student in their class tests positive, students will never go back. This is an issue in LA County too. How many students get to test positive before a forced quarantine of the class happens? – 1, or 5? Is it enough that a student tests positive?… What if their parent tests positive? How many times a year can a class be forced to quarantine? Will those quarantine days count toward STRS?
    The school board hands are tied until the union and board agrees to covid conditions in which teachers work.

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