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Candidate profile: Carlos Manzo

THE ORANGE COUNTY TRIBUNE is publishing candidate statements for non-partisan elections in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Westminster (Shutterstock).

For Member of the Westminster City Council

District 2

 Carlos Manzo        Age 48

Westminster Planning Commissioner


Why am I running for City Council? A candidate can talk to you about the issues that our city is facing. Like our budget, homelessness and blight, but if that person’s heart is truly not in this for the right reasons?

Then nothing will change or get done.

 My wife and I have lived in Westminster for over 30 years. We raised our children here, we own a home and worked hard to build a community of friends. I have worked hard to provide for our family, I have a good job. I’m not interested in titles or status here in our city.

We are vested we aren’t going anywhere  we are here to stay. We wanted to raise our children in a diverse community that’s why we have chosen to stay and fight to better our community. I’ve seen our city decline over the years, while neighboring cities progress. The focus on making decisions that benefit us residents is not where it should be, that needs to change!

I want to bring our community together to solve the issues we are facing, We are all in this together.

Candidates for local non-partisan offices (city council and school board) are invited to submit candidate statements to us at orangecountytribune@gmail.com. Deadline is Friday, Oct. 30.































I have been a proud Westminster resident for over 30 years. My wife and I raised three sons and a daughter here in our city, all of whom attended local schools. For the past eight years I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Westminster Planning Commission,working hard to improve our city.

I am running for City Council because I want to increase the quality of life for all residents,ensuring our tax dollars are being spent wisely. I want to work to beautify our city, and to make it a place we can all be proud of. Most importantly,I want to bring ethical and transparent decision making to the City Council. As your Council Member I will strive to represent ALL Westminster residents.

I am not a politician.I work as an Electrical Supervisor, in that role I’m responsible for a large workforce. People depend on me every day to get the job done right, which is why you can depend on me to get the job done for you on City Council.

I am proud to be endorsed by

Westminster Council Member Sergio Contreras and

Westminster School Board Member Jamison Power


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