When do I get my vaccine?

ORANGE COUNTY Fire Authority personnel are helping to speed vaccination. For more on who will get vaccinated next, see link below (OCFA).

It may be a kind of a race, between the spread of the coronavirus and the speed of the vaccination process.

Public health officials concede that the pace of administering the vaccine that defends against the COVID-19 infection is behind schedule. An estimated 3 million people have been received their first shots of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but the official forecast was that 20 million would have been vaccinated by now, according to a report from National Public Radio.

According to the Orange County Health Care Authority, there is a phased approach to the vaccinations. Factors determining which group you might be in are such as settings, direct contact with COVID-19 patients, recent positive COVID-19 test result or infection, being pregnant or breastfeeding, a history of severe allergic reactions to injections or vaccinations, age, existing medical conditions, and living environment (including long-term care facility or “congregated facility,” where people live in close proximity).

For more details on how the vaccine is to be distributed, go to: .

Thursday’s report on coronavirus in Orange County showed mixed results, as new cases declined, but deaths rose.

According to the OCHCA, new cases roses from 3,077 to 2,701. Deaths went from 17 on Wednesday to 29 today. Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 were basically the same, going from 2,249 to 2,251. Patients in intensive care units went from 504 to 502.

So far, Orange County has had 177,733 cases and 1,972 deaths.

Here is the list of OC cities with the most cases. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 32,963 (385)
  • Anaheim: 30,007 (420)
  • Garden Grove: 11,205 (138)
  • Orange: 8,493 (98)
  • Fullerton: 7,912 (135)
  • Huntington Beach: 7,137 (107).

Westminster has 4,848 cases and 48 deaths. Stanton has 2,262 cases and 25 deaths.

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