Easy money isn’t always easy

MONEY FALLING from the sky? How easy is “easy money,” really? (Shutterstock).

During the worst of the coronavirus pandemic I lost my job. I found a new one that doesn’t pay as well. In the meantime, I have been talking with friends that are day trading with stocks and also with cryptocurrency. They say it’s easy, especially in a really “up” market. All I need to start is about $10,000, which is about what I have in savings. My current job doesn’t do much more than just let me pay my expenses. Should I take a chance and maybe get the money to buy the things I deserve?

Middle Aged Guy:

The only thing you deserve is a reality check.  You found a job that pays the bills.  You’ve got $10,000 in savings and all you can think about is buying “things.”  Focus on a career that you’ll find rewarding and invest your time and money toward that goal.  You’re obviously under 35 and can’t appreciate the fact that the joy you feel from buying “things” is temporary.  Time well spent is brings real satisfaction.

But, who knows?  Maybe you’ve got a hidden talent for picking stocks.  My advice – give it a try.  But take it seriously; and only invest what you can afford to lose.  Money that’s easy to make is just as easy to lose.

College Student

I think that you should not take a chance with it. Since you just lost your job during a pandemic I don’t think investing $10,000 in a cryptocurrency you don’t know much about is a good idea. If I were you I would not spend all my savings. My advice is to stay working at your current job and start looking and applying to a different job that would pay you better if you’re really tired of your newest job.

Hip Grandma

I know that it sounds tempting, but I strongly recommend that you keep your savings.  To invest in day trading is very risky. If it doesn’t work out for you, you will have nothing.

The real issue here is that you really don’t like your current job, and that it doesn’t pay enough. So put your mind and energy on that, rather than looking for the possibility of “easy money.”

There are lots of employers looking for smart, willing, hard working employees.  Keep your current job, and search for another one that will be better suited to you.

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