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70-plus are dead from tornados

TORNADO in Oklahoma in 1999 (Wikipedia)

At least 70 people have died as a huge tornado and other windstorms ravaged areas of Kentucky on Friday and Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, in addition to the death toll in the Bluegrass State, fatalities have also been reported in Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois and Missouri.

It’s possible, said weather researchers, that the twister may have been the longest in recorded U.S. history. In 1925 a tornado spread destruction over a 220-mile stretch, but this funnel-like windstorm may have traveled for 250 miles.

In addition to the main tornado, 30 more tornados were reported in the area. Buildings were smashed, roofs ripped off and nearly a quarter of a million people in Tennessee and Kentucky have lost electrical power.

President Joe Biden declared an emergency in Kentucky and ordered federal assistance to the area, according to United Press International.

COVID-19 measures bring protests in Austria

MANDATORY vaccinations are being met with protests in Austria (Shutterstock).

Mandatory vaccine requirements and home confinement for those not vaccinated have sparked major protests in Austria.

Reuters is reporting that about 44,000 people demonstrated in Vienna, the nation’s capital. About 1,400 police officers were on hand. Three arrests were made and some journalists were attacked with snowballs and ice.

Addressing the protesters was Herbert Kickl, leader of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party. The number of new infections is rising daily and mandatory vaccinations will begin in February.

Sports: Rams, Chargers still in the hunt

For NFL teams bidding for division titles or playoff spots, all the games that remain are crucial. For the Los Angeles Rams (8-4) their game on Monday against the Arizona Cardinals (10-2) represents their last chance to have a shot at closing the gap in the NFC West. When the two teams met earlier in the season, the Rams were thumped 37-20.

The Los Angeles Chargers (7-5) are only a game back in the AFC West and can stay in the hunt with a win against the New York Giants (4-8) on Sunday.

Weather: Sunny, with clouds coming

The West Orange County area gets one more day of sunny weather until clouds and rain arrive. The forecast for Sunday is sunny with a daytime high of 65 (overnight low of 48). But on Monday, clouds will move in and the thermometer will dip to 61 (56 overnight), followed by rain and a high of 60 (41). Temps will dip into the mid-50s under cloudy skies on Wednesday.

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