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Biden issues warning to China

UKRAINIAN civilians prepare “Molotov cocktail” gasoline bombs for use against Russian armored vehicles in Kyiv (VOA/Wikipedia)

President Joe Biden warned Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday against his nation providing any assistance to Russia as it carries out its invasion of Ukraine.

The two leaders conversed via video, according to the Associated Press.

Specifics of the conversation were not made public except that Biden warned China about the “specific consequences” of helping Russia in this war, while Jinping used an old Chinese proverb to suggest that America bore responsibility for de-escalating the conflict by saying, “He who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off.”

In related developments:

  • Russia is broadening its attacks in Ukraine launching missile attacks in Lviv, a city in the western region of the nation, according to The New York Times.
  • A fund-raising campaign organized by movie actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher has raised over $30 million for Ukraine. The GoFundMe effort is called “Stand With Ukraine,” according to United Press International.

Sports: Titans fall to Blue Devils, 78-61

THE ROAD to the Final Four continues.

Well, it was nice to be invited. Cal State Fullerton’s men’s basketball team was one and done, losing its first round game in NCAA College Playoffs West Regional by the score of 78-61 to national power Duke on Friday.

After a ragged start, the Titans closed to within six points in the first half, and trailed by 10 at the intermission.

The Titans, making their sixth appearance, finished the season at 21-11. Duke is 29-6.

UCLA won its first round game Thursday over Akron, 57-43 and will face St. Mary’s on Saturday. USC lost its first round game 68-66 to Miami on Friday.

Weather: Ready to cool off?

Tired of all this summerlike weather? Saturday will give you a chance to put on a sweater as West Orange County’s temperatures dip to 67 (daytime) and 54 (overnight). There will be clouds in the morning and some sun in the afternoon. Then daytime temps will rise to 71 on Sunday and 78 on Monday, skying to 85 on Tuesday.

Business: Russian Burger King says “nyet”

The operator of 800 Burger King restaurants in Russia is refusing to go along with the parent company’s plan to divest itself of selling “Whoppers” in that country, citing its joint venture agreements.

Those fast-food outlets are franchises and not owned outright by the Restaurant Brands International.


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