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Missile attacks are continuing

RUSSIAN MISSILES continue to attack infrastructure in Ukraine, damaging electrical power, water and natural gas supplies (Shutterstock).

Rising waves of missile strikes on Ukrainian cities are making life  precarious for residents of those cities even as Russian forces are being pushed back.

According to The New York Times, the bombardment is causing blackouts at hospitals, endangering miners working underground and cutting off elevator service in cities like the capital of Kyiv, which has many high-rise apartment buildings.

At least 10 people were killed on Wednesday and dozens more wounded as Ukrainian energy workers struggle to repair the nation’s electrical and natural gas systems.

“Amnesty” for Twitter accounts?

In the latest dizzying move, new Twitter owner Elon Musk announced on Thursday he would grant “amnesty” for accounts that had been suspended.

According to The Associated Press, Musk made the decision in response to an online poll which supported reinstatement for accounts except for  those who broke the law or “engaged in egregious spam.”

Another poll – considered unscientific – led Musk to reinstate former president Donald Trump’s account, although he has said he will not return.

Also in the news … President Joe Biden on Thursday called for tightening of gun control laws on a visit to Nantucket, Massachusetts. According to United Press International, referring to the recent spate of mass shootings, Biden said, “I’m sick and tired of these shootings. We should have much stricter gun laws.”

Sports: U.S. vs. England on Friday


It’s “do or die” for the United States men’s national soccer team on Friday when it faces international powerhouse England in a key World Cup match in Qatar.

England leads Group B after its’ 6-2 win over Iran. The U.S. is tied for second after its 1-1 tie with Wales. If England wins, it will have two victories (four points) and almost certainly advance to the “knockout” phase.

However, a win or even a tie would give the U.S. a chance to be one of the two teams from the group to move forward.

Weather: Sunny and warm, for now

The day after Thanksgiving continues a couple of days pf unseasonably warm weather in the West Orange County area. Sunny skies and a daytime high of 78 is the forecast for the West Orange County area from the National Weather Service. The overnight low will be 47.

Saturday will see the thermometer drop to 70 during the day, and 48 overnight. Sunday will be similar at 69 (50) with  patchy fog in the morning and mostly sunny skies in the afternoon.

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