School closings in the OVSD?


Shrinking enrollment could lead to the closing of three elementary schools in the Ocean View School District and converting a middle school to an elementary campus.

A series of school community meetings are underway, with one today (Wednesday) for Village View School, another on Thursday for Spring View School and the final meeting on Monday at Golden View.

At the Feb. 14 meeting of the OVSD, the staff’s recommendations were presented, and they include the closing and relocating of students at Circle View, Village View and Golden View. Spring View would be converted from a middle school to an elementary school and the middle school students there relocated to another middle school in the district.

Superintendent Michael Conroy, in a letter to parents, wrote, “When compared to statewide average, OVSD has a number of very small schools. Consequently, the district is facing tough decisions regarding the consolidation of schools, declining enrollment and related facility needs in the district.”

Since most of the district’s funding comes from the state, as enrollment dips, so does operating income. According to the OVSD, student numbers have fallen from 9,419 pupils in 2012-13 to 6,809 in 2022-23.

The district serves northern Huntington Beach and portions of adjoining cities.

The next meeting of the OVSD board of trustees will be on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. at the district offices at 17200 Pinehurst Lane, Huntington Beach.

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  1. Please don’t sell your property. I have seen this happen in other school districts and then later needed the schools. Rent them out. Let things settle.

  2. As a former employee at an OVSD school (retired) I feel very sad that they have to close some schools. My husband was on a committee many years ago when schools closed and children had to be moved around. It’s hard on families and we remember many meetings of arguing parents and the district. Hope this does not happen again.

  3. I believe this decision was unnecessary and it will come back to haunt them in the future. I witnessed this before and the scramble to expand after closings left the district short of classroom spaces. If the State’s lawsuit ends in a decision to force the City of Huntington Beach to add substantial amounts of affordable housing, where will those children be attending school?

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