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Supreme Court majority skeptical of debt forgiveness

SUPREME COURT building in Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia).

The student loan debt forgiveness program initiated by President Joe Biden may not survive the scrutiny of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Associated Press is reporting that members of the conservative majority on the high court appeared to be skeptical of the Biden administration’s power to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars of federal student loan debt on the basis of the coronavirus crisis.

To date, implementation of the student debt forgiveness program has been stopped by conservative judges in lower courts, although loan payments have been on hold since the start of the pandemic three years ago.

Money to Ukraine raises issues


How much financial aid has been sent to Ukraine in its efforts to defeat Russian invaders, and how much more will be spent?

Those issues were raised in Washington by both parties on Congress on Tuesday, according to The New York Times.

Also raised were the  issues of lost and possibly diverted weapons and fraud. Congress has approved $45 billion in military and other help for Ukraine leading to some concern that the aid might run out soon.

Also in the News … A Congressman has apologized for misstating his college degree. Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tennessee) had said his degree was in international relations when it was actually in liberal studies …

Sports: Lakers lose, Kings win

There’s a lot of professional sports to keep track of tonight in the Southern California. The Los Angeles Lakers – playing without the injured LeBron James – lost 121-109 to the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night.

The Los Angeles Clippers lost  108-101  to the Minnesota Timberwolves in NBA play.

In NHL action, the Los Angeles Kings beat the Winnipeg Jets 6-5 in a shootout.

Weather: Showers, wind, then sun

The forecast for Wednesday for the West Orange County area calls for morning showers and wind up to 21 miles an hour. The expected daytime high is 55 with an overnight low of 37. Sunny skies will return on Thursday and Friday with daytime highs of 60 and 62, along with lows of 41 and 43. 

Partly cloudy and mostly cloudy weather will move in over the weekend.


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