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Shooter had 3 guns in attack

SECURITY FOOTAGE shows the shooter walking down the hall of the second floor of The Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn. (Nashville Police Department).

The shooter in Nashville, Tennessee who killed six people – three of them children – at a private school brought three firearms to the incident, which was carefully planned.

The New York Times is reporting that Audrey E. Hale – who was fatally shot by police – had been undergoing treatment for an “emotional disorder.”

Body-cam footage provided by police showed officers hurrying down the second floor of The Covenant school to confront the shooter.

Closed circuit security footage released by the Nashville Police Department showed Hale shooting open a glass door to gain access to the school, climbing to the second floor and looking and walking around before opening fire. Hale, 28, was a former student at the school as a child.

Protest turns tragic at detention center

At least 40 people died in a fire Monday night at a detention center for migrants in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

According to the Associated Press, the event started when migrant placed mattresses on the bars of their cells and set them on fire. But guards, instead of releasing the migrants, walked or ran away, leaving the migrants trapped in their cells.

The burning of mattresses was intended to be a protest against being deported to their home countries in other areas of Latin America.

Ciudad City is located across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Sports: Freeway Series final

The third of three exhibition games between the Angels and Dodgers is set for tonight in Anaheim. Each team has won one. This the last preseason game for each team.

In NHL action, the Los Angeles Kings will play the Flames in Calgary.

Weather: Rain returns for a while

After some sunny days, a bit of rain will return to the West Orange County area on Wednesday. The forecast calls for rain in the morning with a daytime high of 61 and an overnight low of 48. Thursday is expected to have morning showers with a high of 61 (48). Mostly cloudy conditions should move in by Friday with a high of 66 (47). Saturday and Sunday are expected to be sunny.

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