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Donald Trump enters plea of ‘not guilty’ to 34 felony charges


History was made on Tuesday when former president Donald Trump surrendered to authorities in a New York City court and pleaded “not guilty” to 34 felony charges brought against him in a grand jury indictment.

Never has a former chief executive been summoned before a judge to answer criminal charges. According to the Associated Press, he was booked and fingerprinted but no mug shot was taken.

If convicted of any of the charges he would face a maximum of four years in prison per charge.

In a social media post, Trump complained that the heavily Democratic area of Manhattan was a “very unfair venue” and   “this is not what America was supposed to be.”

In a late-night speech, Trump said, “Our country is going to hell,” according to United Press International.

More military aid for Ukraine


The U.S. will provide over $2.6 billion in new military aid to Ukraine as it prepares for a counter-offensive against Russian invaders.

According to United Press International, the package will include over $2.1 billion in air defense systems, mortar systems and anti-armor systems. An additional $500 million worth of ammunition and equipment will be sent.

Also in the news … Finland on Tuesday became the 31st and newest member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin who said he began the war in Ukraine to discourage the enlargement of NATO.

Sports: Four teams in action

Four area pro teams are in action tonight.

The Los Angeles Angels will be in Seattle to play the Mariners and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be hosting the Colorado Rockies.

In NBA play, the Los Angeles Lakers will visit the Utah Jazz. In the NHL, the Los Angeles Kings will be hosting the Edmonton Oilers.

Weather: Warmer, then cooler

Tuesday was a bit chilly in the West Orange County area but warmer days are coming. The forecast calls for mostly sunny skies on Wednesday with a daytime high of 69 and an overnight low of 48.  The sun should really breakthrough on Thursday and the thermometer will rise to 76 (52). We’ll lose a  little of that warmth Friday when conditions are partly cloudy and the daytime high drops to 70 (52).


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