Be wary of “cop” scammers

WPD OFFICERS are not calling you for money (Shutterstock).

What with so much robocalling and sophisticated computer manipulation of images and sounds, most of us are able to hit the “disconnect” button when an obviously fake message comes on your phone or in your e-mail.

But what if the voice or message comes from a law enforcement agency – or, more likely – a fake law enforcement “officer” ?

The Westminster Police Department is reporting that it is receiving information that scammers identifying themselves as Westminster police officers are calling, messaging and e-mailing potential victims with claims about an arrest warrant or citation that needs immediate attention, usually in the form of money to the scammer.

To make their claims more credible, these con artists often use the names of real WPD officers, readily available in a variety of ways.

The WPD or any law enforcement agency will never ask you for any payment. If you are contacted by someone who asks you to send money (wire transfers, pre-paid cards, etc.) over the phone or by e-mail to pay a fine and make a warrant “disappear” it’s a scam and a crime.

Also, never give your bank account, credit card or personal information to anyone you do not trust.

If you do receive such a call or message, call the WPD non-emergency line at (714) 548-3212.


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