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Hurricane Hilary to hit Sunday

HURRICANE HILARY. a tropical storm, is coming to Southern California (Shutterstock).

Something unusual, and possibly dangerous, is headed for Southern California.

Hurricane Hilary, now a Category 4 storm is lashing the Mexican Pacific Coast and is on its way to Orange County and adjacent areas.

The Associated Press says the Hilary will be the first tropical storm to hit SoCal in 84 years. Flood alerts have been issued and the area could also be struck by mudslides and tornados.

Winds were hitting Mexico at speeds of 130 miles an hour, but that was down from 145 miles an hour earlier in the day.

Many cities are offering sandbags to keep rising water from seeping into homes and businesses and Major League Baseball is rescheduling three Saturday games into double-headers as the storm is expected to hit the area on Sunday.

Judge rejects Trump’s plea for delay

A JUDGE rejected a request for a delay in one of Donald Trump’s trials (Shutterstock).

Calling it “frivolous,” a federal judge in New York on Friday ruled against former president Donald Trump’s request for a delay – his fourth – in a 2019 civil claim in which a woman claims he raped her in 1996 and made defamatory remarks about her.

The ruling by Judge Lewis Kaplan increases the chances that the trial will begin as scheduled on Jan. 15, just as primary season for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination begins.

Trump is facing more than just this legal challenge, but also four criminal indictments on state and federal charges relating to the Jan. 6, 2021 attack n the U.S. Capitol and Trump’s possession of government documents at his home after leaving the White House.

U.S., Japan and S. Korea meet

THE THREE LEADERS (White House photo).

As part of an effort to present a more united front against pressure from China, the leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan met at Camp David on Friday.

President Joe Biden hosted the trilateral summit with Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol and Japanese Prime  Minister Fumio Kishida, reports United Press International.

In addition to agreeing to consult on possible “provocations or threats” they also intend to create an Indo-Pacific dialogue to draw India into their sphere, perhaps as a counterweight to China.

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