New jaywalking law is approved


By Jamilyn Moreau/Orange County Tribune

New jaywalking laws in an ordinance prohibiting pedestrians from standing, sitting, lying, or remaining on street median islands and drive-throughs was approved unanimously Tuesday night by the Stanton City Council.

The ordinance came in response to the 134 pedestrian-to-vehicle incidents that have occurred in the city over the past five years, 32 of which were fatalities. This was the second and final approval for the ordinance which will go into effect in 30 days.

In a discussion about the theft of catalytic converters, Public Safety Director Jim Wren offered some options that neighboring cities have done to prevent theft but encouraged the city to go in a different direction. Wren suggested that the city should take an educational approach instead.

The city agreed to focus on supporting an educational component and getting information out to the public regarding catalytic converter theft in the city.

In the public comments, Doug Makino, an automotive mechanic, offered input on the issue.

“The speed with which you can take a catalytic converter off nowadays with the kind of battery-operated power tools we have is really fast,” said Makino.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the council is set for Tuesday, Oct. 24.



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