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Stocks blast off, and so does a Tesla

THE DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE rose by 567 points on Tuesday.

In a dramatic turnaround on Tuesday, the Dow Jones Average flirted with another deep drop, then righted itself and posted a 567-point gain.

Not only did the result partly erase the 1,175 decline of the previous two trading days, it reversed a 567-point drop that emerged in the morning, The Dow finished at 24,912.77

Standard & Poor’s 500 Index jumped by 46.2 points, while Nasdaq saw an increase of 148.36 points. Despite rises and falls, the Dow Jones Average is now 24 percent higher than the mark one year ago.

Blast off! Rocket takes a Tesla into space

In what has to be one of the most unusual marketing ploys of the 21st century, SpaceX blasted off the most powerful rocket in the world into outer space with a car as the main passenger.

The Falcon Heavy (shown at left) lifted a Tesla Roadster up from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, into orbit. Elon Musk, the man behind the Tesla electric automobiles, is also a principal in SpaceX, a private space flight contractor.

The rocket is designed to help put huge satellites into space. But for now, the Tesla is headed to Mars to orbit the red planet for many years.

Two killed, 200 hurt in Taiwan quake

An earthquake is being blamed for two deaths and over 200 injuries Taiwan. Authorities say that the quake was of 6.4 magnitude and hit near the coast of the island.

The ground floor of one hotel is reported to have caved in, while another was said to be tilted. The area is known to be earthquake prone. A quake in 1999 in Taiwan killed over 2,300 people.

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