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Candidate Profile: Loreen Berlin

PROFILE for Loreen Stanton, candidate for Stanton City Council.

Name: Loreen Berlin

Office being sought: Stanton City Council District #3

City of residence: Stanton, CA

Occupation: Stanton Public Safety Commissioner/Photo Journalist

Education: Radio Broadcasting

Public Service:

  • Stanton Public Safety Commissioner
  • Buena Park Noon Lions Club
  • Civic Journalism teacher

Why do you want to run for this office?

After being elected I will continue my 29 years as a local newspaper reporter covering our city and neighboring cities. This gives me great insight as to the needs of our Stanton Community.

My goal as a Stanton City Council Member is the same as being a local reporter. That is to listen to the people and find solutions to their problems and answer their questions. I will listen and I will act on the citizen’s and community’s behalf. I have walked District #3 to meet and visit with community members, to get to know them to better serve them as an elected official. This will help me make Stanton an even better community.

What do you think are the major issues facing your city and what would you do about them?

Major issues facing most communities, ours included, are: public safety, affordable housing and homelessness.


I support our police and firefighters because they keep our families and businesses safe. For several years now, Stanton has had a model homelessness program in connection with the Illumination Foundation where services are offered to help families get back on stable footing.

As new housing is being constructed, the state mandates each city provide various levels of housing to cover needs of all residents and as a council member I will follow through on those programs.

Stanton is seeing a surge in new businesses and construction that will continue to make our City even more appealing to additional businesses and families now and far into the future.

I will work hard as a council member representing residents in District #3 and I pledge to keep Stanton a community of “Pride and Forward Vision.”

As a member of the Stanton community since 1965, I have witnessed the city’s great growth and progress. I will continue working to make Stanton a safe, pleasant and business-friendly community.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6 for Stanton Council Member District #3.

This candidate profile is posted as a free public service. Content originates with the candidate and is lightly edited.


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