Three picked for homelessness panel

WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL appointed three residents to the city’s Homelessness Task Force on Wednesday night. Two more remain to be selected (Orange County Tribune photo).

The process of picking members of the public to serve on a city Homelessness Task Force started at Wednesday’s meeting of the Westminster City Council, but it’s not over yet.

Each member of the council was supposed to choose one of the seven applicants, but only three were ready to make a decision. Mayor Tri Ta chose Mark Lawrence. Councilmember Kimberly Ho chose Regan Murray and Councilmember Sergio Contreras selected Linda Middendorf, but council members Tai Do and Chi Charlie Nguyen wanted to defer their decision to the Nov. 20 meeting of the council.

Still on the list of possible task force members who are residents are Jodi Boyd, Adam Buttons, Richard Jolly and Patty Leemhuis.

The composition of the force may undergo some change. At present, the group is expected to include the residents plus members from the police chief’s advisory board, the city’s economic development advisory task force, the faith-based community, the Westminster School District, the Westminster Police Department, the city’s Family Resource Center and two outside agencies.

Ho wants to add a council member to the group, an issue to be taken up at the next meeting of the council.


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