Kobe made a final, graceful appearance

STATE of the City luncheon in Garden Grove where a video by Kobe Bryant made an appearance (City of Garden Grove images).

Last week’s State of the City luncheon, keynoted by Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones, brought out an unexpected moment of appreciation and grief.

Just a short time after the death of Laker legend Kobe Bryant in a  helicopter crash, there he was, bigger than life, congratulating local high school athletes and urging them on to greater accomplishments.

Of course, it was a video clip that dated from March 2019, but it was affecting nevertheless.

“Congratulations, you guys at Santiago High School,” said Kobe. “You guys did phenomenally well. It’s just the beginning. Don’t get lazy and come back next year ready to do it again. All right, the best of luck to you guys.”

According to Ana Pulido, public information officer for the city, the video came to their attention via one of the coaches from Santiago, who is also a city employee in recreation. Kobe was at SHS with his daughter’s travel team for a tournament in 2018 and took time to meet with the Cavalier coaches after the game.

A Cav coach kept in touch with him and after the boys’ varsity team won the Garden Grove League basketball title last year, Kobe was intending to visit the school but his schedule didn’t permit it. Instead, he made the video in March 2019.

“ROOTS” mural on wall of Gem Theater (OCT photo).

One man’s masterpiece is another’s … 

In discussing the appeal of Garden Grove’s up-and-coming downtown area, Jones introduced and lauded Todd Marinovich, the former star football player who painted the mural on the south side of the historic Gem Theater.

The mural, called “Roots,” includes a peacock with florid feathers, snakes, an alligator, rows of plantings, an orange and a weathered old farmhouse.

Some people like the colorful imagery. Some … do not. A neutral view of the mural suggests that whether you are a fan of the painting or not, its creation is an indication that the Gem Theater – about 100 years old now – still has a long future ahead of it.

We’d like to know what you think.

Who’s left and who’s right …

Regards of which side you are in the “civil war” in Westminster that’s led to a recall election on April 7 targeting three members of the city council, there’s a strong prospect of change in that All American City.

As reported in The Tribune, City Manager Eddie Manfro is retiring/resigning from that post, effective Feb. 29. An interim city manager will take his place, but it won’t be Chet Simmons, the assistant city manager, who is to become the city manager of Los Alamitos.

If the three city council members are recalled, three replacements will fill their spots. Tai Do is a council member and a replacement candidate for mayor, which means he could be chosen to take the spot. If Ta is recalled and Do is elected to replace Ta, that opens up another seat.

The remaining player would be Councilmember Sergio Contreras, and he is running for Orange County Supervisor for the First District. If he wins – by no means certain – the new city council would have to appoint a successor or call for a quite expensive special election.

Now, understand that the seat held by Councilmember Kimberly Ho expires this year, so if she is recalled, whoever replaces her would likely run for “re-election” in just a few more months.

If any or most of that happens, you’ll need a name tag and/or a scorecard to tell who is who in City Hall.

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  1. Love the mural! I’ve lived in the H.B. area, for over 25 years, and had no idea it, or the Gem Theatre, existed! Definitely on my, “list of places to go,” now! Thanks!

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