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17 are fatally shot in Canada

A MAN who disguised himself as a police fatally shot 10 or more people today (Sunday) in Nova Scotia, Canada. (Flickr/Don Waddington).

UPDATE: The death count in the Nova Scotia mass shooting has been raised to 17, including the gunman.


Ten or more people were shot to death Sunday in Nova Scotia, Canada. Among the dead were a policewoman and the man believed to be the gunman.

The shooter has been identified as Gabriel Wortman, 51, a dentist who authorities said was – at one point in the rampage – dressed in a police uniform and disguised his car to look like a Royal Canadian Mounted Police vehicle.

He was arrested by the RCMP and it was later announced that he was dead, according to the Associated Press. The incident began in the city of Portapique and concluded with his arrest in Enfield.

Nova Scotia is one of the maritime provinces of Canada, directly across the Bay of Fundy from Maine, and south of Prince Edward Island.

Note: This is a developing story. More details will be posted as they become available.

Coronavirus vs. the drug trade

Even a pandemic can have its bright side. The Associated Press is reporting that the coronavirus is crippling the international drug trade. Much of the raw materials to manufacture some illegal narcotics used to come from the Wuhan province of China, which is where the COVID-19 outbreak is believed to have originated.

Cocaine and heroin prices are reported to be sharply up, and the closure of bars, restaurants and other gathering places has made it difficult to find customers.

Closing grocery stores to public mulled

SHOULD SHOPPERS shop outside of the stores? (Shutterstock).

In response to the deaths of grocery store workers from coronavirus, some in the supermarket industry and public health are suggesting requiring customers to pick up their purchases at the curb or order online for home delivery.

According to CNN, some smaller operations have already moved to that model, but most grocery chains have instead implemented rules limiting the number of customers inside the store and/or requiring that masks or other face coverings be worn when in the store.

Supporters of going to delivery and pickup say it would reduce the risk to the workers. Opponents say that supermarkets are not organized for that format, and to meet demand would have to dramatically increase staffing, thus defeating the purpose of cutting the number of people inside the store.

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