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Some states move toward reopening

SOME STATES are moving toward partial reopening of businesses (Shutterstock).

Thirteen states are now moving toward a partial reopening of their economies, somewhat shuttered for months by the coronavirus epidemic.

The list of states taking some steps this week and next includes Texas, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont, according to the Associated Press.

Looking at the moves being taken, there’s a wide variety of plans. In Florida, for example, the specifics will be determined by a state coronavirus task force, although the state “safer at home” order will expire after Thursday.

In Tennessee, many restaurants will be allowed dine-in service starting Monday, a change which comes one day after the biggest one-day increase in coronavirus cases.

In Montana, churches resumed services on Sunday and some retailers are reopening, albeit with strict social distancing and disinfecting rules in place. Schools have been given permission to reopen by May 4, but many districts have moved to online classes.

Videos released by Navy of UFOs (UAFs)

They used to be called UFOS, which stood for unidentified flying objects. The official new name is “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” but the mystery about them persists.

According to United Press International, the U.S Defense Department on Monday released video from 2004 and 2017 from Navy pilots showing airborne objects moving quickly across the sky.

The images are not conclusive as they were recorded with an infrared camera, but one retired pilot in 2017 said, “As I got close to it, it rapidly accelerated to the south, and disappeared in less than two seconds.”

Wall Street happy about reopenings

STOCKS ROSE sharply on Wall Street Monday as hopes rose for the reopening of some businesses. (Shutterstock)

The stock markets jumped on Monday in apparent reaction to the impending reopening of businesses in more than a dozen states.

According to UPI, the Dow Jones Average was up 358.51 points (1.51 percent) while the S&P 500 was up 1.47 percent and the NASDAQ Composite up 1.11 percent.

Among the fast risers were JPMorgan Chase (banking) up 4.3 percent, Disney (entertainment/hospitality) up 4.84 percent, Carnival (cruises) up 8.85 percent and Kohl’s (retail) up 17.72 percent.

World COVID-10 cases hit 3 million

The latest counts of coronavirus cases and deaths on Monday showed that 3 million people worldwide had been diagnosed with the sickness, with over 1 million of those in the United States.

Across the planet, 208,000 people have died and in the U.S., 56,521 fatalities have been recorded, according to Johns Hopkins University.







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