Orange County

Coronavirus 1-day count hits high

THE CORONAVIRUS daily count rose sharply Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Orange County (Shutterstock).

Friday’s statistics on coronavirus took another grim jump as the Orange County Health Care Agency reported five more deaths and 163 new cases.

The cumulative death count is now at 50 and the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is now at 2,537.

One hundred eighty-one cases are now in Orange County hospitals, with 61 in intensive care.

The count of 163 is the highest one-day tally since the record-keeping began, and was the third straight day of new cases over 100, following steep declines to as low at 32 cases just a few days ago.

OCHCA reported 2,594 new tests and a total of 324,128 total tests for the county.

Santa Ana remains the city with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus with 430, followed by Anaheim with 364, Huntington Beach with 225, Irvine with 133 and Garden Grove with 112. Westminster has 45 and Stanton 27.

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  1. By CDC and Trump administration recommendations, the trend line for new COVID-19 cases must be decreasing for 2 weeks. OC is reporting daily highs and yet there are people who feel compelled to stand on street corners in Huntington Beach and yell about tyranny. We are not where we need to be, and as long as people do not follow the rules regarding distancing, masks, and so forth, we are just prolonging the shutdown. Stay at home and watch TV. Better yet, read a book Remember those things? For an extra challenge, get one with no pictures.

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