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“Safe and sane” fireworks ban?

A PROPOSAL to ban the sale of “safe and sane” fireworks will go before the Stanton City Council on Tuesday (Shutterstock).

A proposal to consider a ban the sale of and use of “safe and sane” fireworks within city limits will be considered at Tuesday’s meeting of the Stanton City Council.

Councilmember Gary Taylor (District 3) asked that the council consider the proposal. Stanton is one of a number of cities in Orange County where the sale of such pyrotechnics are legal. The sale of such supports non-profit organizations such as youth sports and civic groups in the various communities. However, some critics complain about the noise and effects on pets and military combat veterans. Additionally, some feel the use of the legal fireworks makes it more difficult to locate and suppress the more dangerous illegal fireworks that are used in July 4.

Also on the agenda is the establishment of a business tax rate for commercial cannabis businesses, as well as the establishment of a limit on the number of such businesses in the city.

The commercial sale of marijuana products is not yet legal in the city, but groundwork is being laid for the possible establishment of a cannabis cultivation, processing and sales operation that a consultant could bring in over $1 million in annual revenue to the city.

The council will meet telephonically at 6:30 p.m.

WPD arrests suspects in May burglary

A follow-up investigation of a commercial burglary that occurred in the Little Saigon area in May paid off for the Westminster Police Department.

According to the WPD, on Wednesday detectives located the suspect vehicle and made a car stop on the auto, which had had two occupants. The driver confessed to having participated in the burglary, police say. The passenger in the car, who was on probation, was found to have a loaded pistol on his waistband.

The firearm has been reported stolen out of a neighboring city during a different burglary. Both suspects were arrested.


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