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Mask resolution is defeated 5-2

THE GARDEN GROVE City Council on Tuesday rejected a resolution requiring the wearing of face coverings in “high risk situations” (Shutterstock).

Consideration of a proposed resolution to require people living or visiting Garden Grove to wear face-coverings in certain “high risk situations” was defeated on a 5-2 vote Tuesday night.

The proposal was from Councilmember Kim Nguyen (District 6), who said, “We are in the middle of a health crisis. We didn’t do it right the first time. I’m hoping … we can do it right this time.”

She was referring to the recent surge in coronavirus cases after some re-opening of businesses and other places began.

But  Councilmember George Brietigam (District 1) noted that such a resolution would be a reiteration of a state mandate already in place. “There’s no need to make it doubly illegal [to not wear masks].”

Councilmember Phat Bui (District 4) said he was in favor of mask-wearing, but “I prefer it to be done through education.” Councilmember John O’Neill (District 2) expressed concern about the enforcement of such a requirement.

The proposed resolution noted that non-compliance with the code would represent a misdemeanor and could result in an administrative citation.

“I think it could cause some ill-will toward the police department,” said Councilmember Stephanie Klopfenstein (District 5).

The resolution was listed as an “action item” on the agenda. Kim Nguyen said her intent was to have the item placed on the agenda for the next council meeting. The council went ahead and voted; she was supported by Councilmember Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen.

In other action Tuesday night, the council:

  • approved a five-year plan with grant money worth $5,996,058 for permanent local housing;
  • approved appropriating $3,703,780.91 in grant funding for coronavirus relief through the federal CARES Act.
  • considered the naming of the new bike and pedestrian trail.



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  1. There are no laws regarding masks. Mandates are not laws. Let’s have a vote. Remember that? You VOTE and make laws. You make laws and you create criminals in this instance. Go ahead and “cite” me. I am an American and I know my rights. Power hungry politicians are not my favorite people. I vote. Our so called governor thinks he’s a monarch. I don’t bow.

  2. Masks will slow the spread and save lives. It is a public health concern. I am disappointed in our council for, in essence, not wanting to take a firm stand and risk making some people mad. “ Education” obviously does not work on those who refuse information in favor of what they selfishly wish to do. Their “rights” not to wear a mask end, like the proverbial right to swing their arm, at the end of our noses. You want the economy to stay open? Where the darned mask. And leaders should require it. Where are those precious rights if too many people are sick and everything is closed down? Only egotists think it is “bowing” to consider the public good.

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