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COVID-19 count goes backward


A GUIDE to the basics of coronavirus. White “language” refers to a white-ish coating to the tongue (Shutterstock).


The total count of cumulative confirmed COVID-19 cases in Orange County went backwards today (Thursday) as the Orange County Health Care Agency excluded 496 test results as not being confirmed.

Four hundred ninety-six coronavirus antigen-positive results that the OCHCA “inadvertently counted as confirmed cases” were taken from the tally. With 299 new confirmed cases on Thursday, the new cumulative total is 48,945 (Wednesday’s sum was 49,142).

The California Department of Publish Health only considers persons with the transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test results are considered confirmed results.

Eleven deaths were reported on Thursday, bringing OC’s total to 1,018. Two hundred seventy-two cases are in hospitals, with 79 in intensive care units.

The county remained on track to move to the less restrictive “red” tier as its two most crucial metrics – test positivity (5.0) and daily COVID-19 cases per 100,000 (5.6) – remained within the state’s thresholds.

Here is a list of OC cities with the most cases, plus two area cities. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 9,503 (247).
  • Anaheim: 8,487 (224).
  • Garden Grove: 2,719 (67).
  • Huntington Beach: 2,275 (64).
  • Orange: 2,250 (49).

Westminster has 957 cases and 23 deaths; Stanton has 612 cases and 12 deaths.

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  1. Wow…although I find the chart showing “basic” information is telling…..was this chart meant to again scare us into submission?….a bat and a map of where Wuhan is China….medical mask…. All the symptoms can be very daunting and instill doubt and fear…. Hope it is not another mistake…..
    Quick close the door and make sure all the mail in the mailbox is ‘ sanitized’…

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