Trustees will appoint to fill vacancy

WESTMINSTER SCHOOL DISTRICT headquarters (OC Tribune photo).

UPDATE:  The Sept. 18 special meeting of the Westminster School District Board of Trustees will cover not just how to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Xavier Nguyen, but also the issue of the eligibility to serve of board president Frances Nguyen.

At Wednesday’s meeting of the WSD board, about a dozen people complained that Frances Nguyen did not live in the district, but instead in the adjoining Ocean View School District. She rebutted the allegations, saying that she did currently live within WSD boundaries.

Xavier Nguyen of District 2 quit in August after being charged with perjury and filing fraudulent papers.

Superintendent Cynthia Paik said that the issue would be examined at next Friday’s meeting.


A special meeting of the Westminster School District Board of Trustees will be held on Friday, Sept. 18 to settle the details of how to make an appointment to the board to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Xavier Nguyen.

Nguyen, who represented Area 2 in the WSD, left his post on Aug. 18 after the Orange County District Attorney leveled felony charges against him in July.  The alleged violations against him date back to April and July 2018, including one count of filing fraudulent nomination papers and two counts of perjury.

The board on Thursday heard a presentation by attorneys on the process for filling a vacancy. The choices were to appoint someone to represent Area 2, or to hold a special election.  The board has until Oct. 17 to make the appointment have the special election which would be held on March 2, 2021.

A successful applicant for that seat would have to be a registered voter residing in Area 2. That’s located in the center of the district and is generally bordered on the north by Trask Avenue, the east by Beach Boulevard and Hoover Street, the south by Hazard Avenue and the west by Edwards Street and the San Diego (405) Freeway.

Since Xavier Nguyen was elected in November 2018, the term of office of the appointee would run through 2022.

Also on Thursday, the board selected Trustee Khanh Nguyen (Area 3) to serve as clerk of the board.

The district is a K-8 system serving most of Westminster and portions of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Midway City.




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