Cases approach 200,000 mark

CASES of coronavirus in Orange County in Wednesday’s report are approaching 200,000 people (Shutterstock).

The number of coronavirus cases in Orange County to date is now close to 200,000 people. That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Huntington Beach.

According to the county health care agency, the to-date tally of cases here is at 199,532. Of those 125,400 are considered recovered.

Deaths are at 2,179.

Wednesday’s latest statistics show 3,847 new cases, a slight increase from Tuesday. Deaths are at 31 (up from 28). Hospitalizations reached 2,180, a slight decline from Tuesday. Patients in intensive care units for treatment of the coronavirus are at 544, compared to 535 on Tuesday.

Here is the list of the OC cities with the most cases. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 36,612 (412)
  • Anaheim: 33,723 (448)
  • Garden Grove: 12,679 (153)
  • Orange: 9,444 (107)
  • Fullerton: 8,851 (144)
  • Huntington Beach: 8,098 (118)

Westminster has 5,469 cases and 69 deaths. Stanton has 2,537 cases and 27 deaths.



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