Deaths rise, new cases decline

AS VACCINATIONS against the coronavirus continue – with some complaints – Wednesday’s report for Orange County showed fewer new cases but more deaths (Shutterstock).

Some progress, some tragedy.

As Orange County struggles to schedule and inoculate the people seeking to get vaccinations against the coronavirus, Wednesday’s statistics from the county health agency offer some news that is encouraging and some that is heartbreaking.

The number of new cases declined to 1,038 from 1,365 on Wednesday, but deaths continued to increase, rising to 71 on Wednesday from 64 the day before. Hospitalizations dipped to 1,639 from 1,677, but patients in intensive care units for treatment of COVID-19 rose to 448 from 437.

Cumulative cases in Orange County to date are now at 227,021, of which 167,573 are considered to be recovered. Deaths are now at 2,839.

The mixed metrics come at a time when criticism has been levied at the system for making vaccination appointments through

Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner (Third District) on Tuesday said he’s receiving complaints that “Othena sucks. I’m getting that from 65-plus year-old age constituents of mine who are using that word. It’s gotten better, but you know it’s a mess.”

“When setting up a system there’s always glitches,” said Dr. Clayton Chau, the county chief health officer. He also stated that in the past few days, the performance of Othena has “improved significantly.”

Here’s the list of Orange County cities with the most cases. Deaths are in parentheses.

  • Santa Ana: 41,131 (506)
  • Anaheim: 38,006 (548)
  • Garden Grove: 14,668 (207)
  • Orange: 10,667 (142)
  • Fullerton: 10,025 (190)
  • Huntington Beach: 9,265 (137)

Westminster has 6,253 cases and 107 deaths. Stanton has 2,849 cases and 36 deaths.



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