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Proposed ADU ordinance changed

A PROPOSED ordinance on the size of accessory dwelling units ran into opposition at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Garden Grove City Council and was amended to allow for larger buildings (Shutterstock).

Faced with opposition primarily from members of the city’s Vietnamese community, the Garden Grove City Council reversed itself on an ordinance regulating the construction of accessory and junior accessory dwelling units.

On a 5-2 vote Tuesday night – with Councilmembers George Brietigam and Stephanie Klopfenstein dissenting – the council acted to amend a proposed ordinance which would have limited the maximum size of such units to 1,000 square feet, substituting instead 1,200 square feet as the standard.

At an earlier meeting, the council approved the ordinance with 1,000-square foot standard and was scheduled for a second vote and adoption on Tuesday.

But the council heard many complaints about the original ordinance. Mayor Pro Tem Kim Nguyen summarized a major aspect of the opposition to the 1,000-square foot rule. “We have a community where 50 percent of the people prefer living in a multi-generational home,” she said.

ADUs can provide housing for family members, but can also be used as rental property.

Opposition on the council centered on issues of crowding, parking shortages, traffic and litter. Brietigam spoke of “more people being crammed into” neighborhoods and how the proliferation of such units would “change the dynamic of Garden Grove.”

Since the original ordinance was amended, the matter will need to come back to the council for a third time for adoption.

Also Tuesday night, the council rejected – on a 4-3 vote – a request by Brietigam to ask city staff to prepare a report on the feasibility of converting Garden Grove from a general law city to a charter city.





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  1. Shame on Kim Nguyen. She knows that her district is turning to be mostly rentals with multi family renters and the only one profiting is the landlord. This will now increase the cost of homes in this district even more as the rent gets split on the multiple families that will have to cram into each dwelling to afford rent. Do we now look to have rent control? Most homes in this area are under 1000sf. Now the ADU is larger than the main house.
    Add the increased traffic, alarm beeps of every vehicle looking for a place to park, and the lack of garages which are now obsolete and can be converted to living space.
    I purchased a home in a single residential area which is now being changed to boarding homes. Many homes in this area cost the same and more than south county. $$$$$

  2. You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”

    Attributed to John Lydgate.

  3. East Garden Grove is indeed a Boarding House community. It’s not single family any more, but single cash investor and multiple renters, some rooms rented in shifts, day worker and night worker. But yeah, let’s call it “affordable” “multi”, while further impacting the part of Garden Grove that was already pillaged for 30 years for the benefit of corporate hotels, and thosr hotels were even 17.7M of our HUD funding which should have been used for neighborhoodimprovements, parks, trees. Our flood insurance payments even paid for the Harbor Boulevard redo for said fat cat hotels thanks to the appropriation magic of one Loretta Sanchez. Poor people, lower middle class, paid for those expensive palm trees and high maintenance sidewalks. Let that sink in.

    What. Ever. Lost cause to be hollering. They. Don’t. Care. Or give a schiitt. Mordidas. Ugh.

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