Garden Grove

Relax! You (may) live right here

NOW HEAR THIS! Garden Grove is one of the most relaxed cities in the U.S., according to a new survey. Free concerts in the park could be contributing to the score (Orange County Tribune photo).

Feeling like you can put your feet up, stretch, smile and sip slowly from your favorite beverage? In short … relax?

Chances are – according to a new study – that you live in Garden Grove or somewhere very much like it. According to Lawnstarter, the Big Strawberry is the seventh-most relaxed of the “biggest” cities in the United States.

Sunnyvale, California ranked number one, and the rest of the top 10 – in order – are Arlington, Va., San Francisco, Bellevue, Wash., Seattle, Naperville, Ill,. Garden Grove, Fort Collins, Colo., Fullerton and Honolulu.

The cities were rated based on criteria from seven categories: mental health, physical health, financial health, work environment, physical environment. physical environment, social environment and entertainment.

The top 10 include four cities from California and six located on the Pacific Coast (including Honolulu).

Other Orange County cities scoring well are Huntington Beach (11th), Orange (18th) and Irvine (25th). Anaheim is 37th.

So, which are the most stressed cities in the U.S.? Kansas City, Kansas tops the list, followed by Memphis, Detroit, Shreveport, La., Clarksville, Tenn,, Chattanooga , Cleveland, Little Rock, St. Louis and Augusta, Ga.

Six of the 10 are in the South.

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