Condemning bias against Asians

A RALLY condemning violence and hate speech against Asians and Asian Americans was held in New York in February (Shutterstock).

A resolution condemning violence and hate speech toward Asians goes before the Westminster School District Board of Trustees when it meets on Thursday.

The board will take up a resolution entitled “Supporting People of Asian Ancestry and Condemning Violence and Hatred Towards People of Asian Descent.”

The resolution recounts past discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans, condemns current “terroristic violence against Asian Americans” and refers to a study in which overall hate crimes in large cities in the U.S. decreased by seven percent in 2020, but those targeting Asians rose by nearly 150 percent during that same time.

The resolution concludes that the board “condemns hatred, xenophobia, harassment and violence towards people of Asian ancestry and commits to creating a supportive, inclusive culture that fully embraces students of Asian descent.’

The board will meet in teleconference at 7 p.m. The WSD is a K-8 system serving most of Westminster as well as portions of adjacent cities and communities.

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