Orange County is still “orange”

NUMBERS IN Tuesday’s Orange County report showed stats generally trending down (Shutterstock).

As expected, Orange County remains in the “orange” or moderate tier for coronavirus, according to the weekly status report released today (Tuesday).

The California Department of Public Health’s statistics show that not only does the county continue to meet the standards for orange, it satisfies two of three rules for being classified minimal or yellow.

That all may be moot soon, as Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced that California will “open up” and drop the tier system as of June 15 as long as hospitalizations remain stable and there is enough vaccine for all Californians 16 and over.

At the county level, Tuesday’s report from the Orange County Health Care Agency shows a sharp rise in new confirmed cases, going from 63 on Monday to 127 on Tuesday.  Deaths rose from zero to four.

However, hospitalizations declined from 128 to 113 and the number of patients being treated in intensive care units rose slightly from 22 to 25.

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