Cannabis permit fees may rise

STANTON is moving toward cannabis sales and other related businesses (Shutterstock).

The cost of applying for a commercial cannabis permit in Stanton may become a bit more than originally planned.

On Tuesday, the Stanton City Council will consider two measures which could add to the price of a permit to operate a business to cultivate, process or sell cannabis – also known as marijuana – products in the city.

The council will first consider a professional services agreement with HdL Companies to provide cannabis background check and validation services through April 27, 2022.

Next, the council will take up a public hearing to consider amending the schedule of fees and charges for a cannabis permit. Originally set at $2,600, the permit is now proposed to add a $5,500 background and investigation fee per applicant to defray the costs incurred.

Stanton is banking on attracting such business as a way of raising more revenue for the city. Upwards of $1 million a year is anticipated.

The meeting will be held “virtually” via teleconference beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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