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Should you choose to lose?

A LOT of Americans, male and female, are overweight. Our jury looks at your needs and society’s expectations (Shutterstock).

I am an overweight woman.  My friends keep hinting that I should lose weight, but I’ve tried and it’s very difficult. Other people are telling me that I should be pleased with the way that I am, and accept myself. Is it OK to be chubby, as long as I am happy?

Hip Grandmother

Yes! If you are happy with yourself, then you should stay just as you are.  When some friends tell you that you should lose weight, then respond that you are happy as you are, and you’d prefer that they quit suggesting that you change.

Having said that, if there is a medical reason that you should lose weight, then I really think that you should keep trying.  The secret is to eat less, and to exercise more.  I know that is very difficult, but it works for most people.  It does take time, and will not happen overnight.

The bottom line is to do what is best for you!

Middle Aged Dad

Your question is best directed inward. It is obvious to you and me that for every person that thinks it is ok, there is another that believes it is not. If you choose to please everyone else, you’ll never please yourself. In my opinion, THAT is not ok.

If you’d like to lose weight to alter your appearance, then do what makes YOU happy. If you’re concerned about your health and longevity, then do what makes your physician happy. Ultimately, you must decide which is worthwhile. But remember, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

College Student

Yes, I believe it is okay for you to be chubby as long as you’re happy. Losing weight is hard but doable. If your weight isn’t deteriorating your health, you shouldn’t feel the need to lose any weight just because your friends tell you to. If you’re happy being chubby, then be chubby and happy.

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