COVID numbers on the rise


CORONAVIRUS stats for Orange County showed new cases up on Monday

Statistics in four major categories tracking the status of coronavirus in Orange County all rose in Monday’s report.

According to the county health care agency, new cases – totaled over three days – were reported at 1169, which works out to a three-day average of 389.6 (rounded up to 390), up from Friday’s 314 and Thursday’s 295.

Monday’s death number (also a three-day sum) is nine, up from eight on Friday. Hospitalizations rose slightly from 194 to 196 and the number of patients being treated for COVID-19 in intensive care units jumped from 60 to 66.

So far, Orange County had 317,558 cases, of which 304,695 are judged to be recovered. The death toll is now 5,823.

Nationally, The New York Times is reporting that – over a 14-day period – new cases are up 43 percent and deaths 32 percent. In California, Los Angeles Times report that (over a similar stretch of time), new cases have risen 37 percent and deaths 4 percent.

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