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Bridge blockade continues

“FREEDOM CONVOY” trucks lined up in a street in Windsor, Ontario in Canada (Wikipedia photo).

A heavily-traveled bridge between Canada and the United States remains blocked on Saturday, despite efforts to clear it so trade can be resumed.

According to the Associated Press, Canadian police initially had some success in persuading certain truckers who were blocking the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit to move their vehicles.

But not long after, those trucks were replaced by others and the “Freedom Convoy” blockade continued

Many of those involved were protesting against mandates for proof of vaccination for truckers returning to Canada from the United States. But others among the thousands demonstrating in not only Windsor, but also in Toronto and the capital city of Ottawa carried “Trump 2024” flags and even Confederate banners.

While a few arrests have been made, the Canadian government has not moved forcefully against the blockade, which is cutting into the flow of commerce between the two nations.

Meanwhile, similar protests have erupted in France, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

Biden warns Putin of costs of invasion

TENSIONS between the U.S. and Russia remain over the Ukraine crisis (Shutterstock).

“Swift and severe” costs would be inflicted on Russia if it invaded Ukraine, President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone call on Saturday.

The New York Times is reporting that despite the warning, Russia has continued its military buildup along the borders of its neighbor to the north, east and south.

At the same time, the U.S. is evacuating all but a “core team” of diplomats and employees from the American embassy in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv (Kiev), as well as withdrawing 160 military advisers from the country in anticipation of a possible Russian attack.

Sports: Norway leading medal count

The count of medals earned at the Beijing Winter Olympics continues to show Norway the leader as of Saturday. Norway has 17 medals, followed by Germany and Austria with 14 each.

Norway has eight gold medals, tied with Germany. The U.S. is sixth in the medal table – tied with Netherlands and Italy – with 11 medals overall.

Americans have won five golds so far.

Weather: Over the top ….

Saturday’s high of 91 in the West Orange County area may be the top of the roller coaster of heat, and the thermometer’s mercury should tumble over the next few days. The forecast for Sunday is a daytime high of 84 (overnight low of 52) under sunny skies. Monday should bring some clouds and a high of 74. Temps should bottom out at 64 on Tuesday.

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