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Has Russia pulled troops back?

POSSIBLE RUSSIAN invasion routes into Ukraine (Wikipedia/Center for Strategic and International Studies).

Reports that Russia has pulled back some of its troops from its borders with Ukraine raised hopes that an invasion is not imminent, but some doubt remains.

According to CBS News, President Joe Biden said Tuesday that an invasion “remains distinctly possible” while acknowledging that diplomatic efforts were continuing.

Claims of a Russian pullback have not been verified, Biden said and it’s feared that large forces – perhaps as many as 150,000 remain in place on three sides of Ukraine.

While the situation in Eastern Europe has not descended into gunfire, an attack of a different kind has been reported. Ukrainian officials are reporting cyber attacks on certain of its “national security and financial sites” by hackers assumed to be agents of the Russian government.

Masks coming off …. for some

A STATEWIDE mandate requiring masks indoors expires Wednesday for those vaccinated vaccinated against the coronavirus,  (Pexels/Cottonbor).

As of Wednesday, the requirement to wear face-coverings in many indoor spaces will come off in California. State health officials will lift the requirement for vaccinated people except in close quarters such as in airplanes, buses, health care facilities and schools and colleges.

Unvaccinated people are required to continued to wear masks in most indoor locations but many such venues have no plans to check the vaccination records of patrons.

In Los Angeles County, it was announced Tuesday that outdoor masking requirements will be dropped as of midnight for schools, child care facilities and open air venues such as sports stadiums, according to Los Angeles Times.

Sports: McVay’s future? “We’ll see”

COACH SEAN MCVAY (Rams photo).

At the peak of his professional career as head coach of the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, is Sean McVay ready to go for a repeat? Will he even be back next season?

“We’ll see,” he told a Los Angeles Times reporter. McVay has spoken about how much time and energy his job takes away from his family and other aspects of his life.

Speculation – some of it unkind – has McVay taking a hiatus from coaching, going into broadcasting, retiring or just trying to get a big salary boost. Which, if any, might be true?

“We’ll see.”

  • The United States remains in third place both in gold medals and overall medal count at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Uncle Sam has nine golds and 18 medals. Norway leads with 12 golds and 26 medals; Germany has 19 medals and nine golds.

Weather: Cool and breezy

Cool weather should continue for another day as well as windy conditions in the West Orange County area. The forecast calls for a daytime high of 65 (overnight low of 47) under sunny skies on Wednesday, with winds up to 10 miles an hour. Thursday should be warmer at 75 (45) and sunny with winds up to 11 miles an hour. The thermometer should edge up to 76 on Friday, and then start a decline down to 63 by Monday as gusts continue.

Business: Troop pullback boosts market

News that Russia has withdrawn some of its troops back from its borders with Ukraine – a possible sign of reduced chance of an invasion – cheered Wall Street on Tuesday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 387.29 points; the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also rose. Oil prices declined as did the value of gold, while the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds increased, according to Business Insider.




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