New case avg. up, but below 1k

CORONAVIRUS numbers in Orange County in Friday’s report showed some mixed results (Shutterstock),

The count of confirmed new cases of coronavirus in Orange County rose in Friday’s report, but remained under 1,000 a day for the second consecutive tally.

According to the county health care agency, the total of new cases for Aug. 2-4 was 2,864, for a daily average of 954.67 (rounded off to 955).

That’s up from Tuesday’s average of 927, but is still lower than last Friday’s 1,263 average and the previous average of 1,114.

Reports from the Orange County Health Care Agency are released on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Hospitalizations fell from 295 to 271 and the use of intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients declined from 49 to 33.

However, deaths increased from 11 to 21.

To date, Orange County has had 643,585 cases, of which 608,617 are considered recovered. The death toll is at 7,235.

Nationally, The New York Times reports that new cases – over a 14-day period – are down 8 percent, while hospitalizations are up by 3 percent and deaths by 12 percent.

In California, new cases have fallen by 25 percent, but deaths have climbed by 24 percent according to Los Angeles Times (over a similar period).

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