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Putin threatens escalation

VLADIMIR PUTIN, president of Russia. (Shutterstock).

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday said his country’s goal in invading Ukraine was only taking control of Donbas region in the east, where most people speak Russian.

But, The New York Times reports, he also hinted at the possibility of escalating the war in response to what he called “terrorist acts” against his country by Ukraine. 

Ukrainian forces have pushed the invaders back in a major counter-offensive, liberating an estimated 3,000 square miles of land.

Russian missile attacks have recently knocked out power in some parts of Ukraine and damaged a dam.

Vote on same-sex marriage must wait

SAME SEX MARRIAGE (Shutterstock).

A vote in the U.S. Senate on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage across the nation will have to wait until after the general election on Nov. 8, according to United Press International.

A total of 60 votes are needed to overcome an expected filibuster, and Democrats therefore need the support of 10 Republican senators.

A poll released this week indicated that a narrow majority of Americans back such a law. The survey by the Economist/You/Gov reports 51 percent in favor. Democrats and women were generally favorable; Republicans and men against.

Sports: Dodgers, Angels back in action

After a day off, the local MLB teams are back on the field. The Los Angeles Angels (61-82) open a series in Anaheim hosting the Seattle Mariners (80-62) at 6:38 p.m.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (98-74) are in San Francisco to play the Giants (69-74) for a 7:15  p.m. game.

Weather: Cloudy and sort of cool

The forecast for the West Orange County area from the National Weather Service calls for cloudy skies on Saturday, gradually becoming sunny. The daytime high is expected to be 78 during the day. The overnight low should be 65. Sunday is expected to be similar with a high of 77 (62). Monday will have more sun with a high of 80 (63).

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