Garden Grove

Lights! Camera! Council action!

CHRIST (formerly Crystal) Cathedral in Garden Grove (file photo).

By Jim Tortolano/Orange County Tribune

A step toward promoting Garden Grove as a location for filming movies, television shows and other creative visuals was taken Tuesday night when the city council voted to take several steps in that direction.

On a 6-0 vote – with Councilmember Phat Bui (District 4) absent – the council authorized city staff to proceed with:

  • creating a dedicated webpage on the city’s website with information on Garden Grove’s filming regulations, permit applications requirements, associated fees and local attractions;
  • direct staff to “proactively collaborate” with state and county film commissions to develop relationships with location managers and market the city’s attractions;
  • direct staff to review “best practices” for streamlining the city’s existing filming regulations and report back to the council.

Councilmember Kim Nguyen (District 6), who originally raised the idea, commented that not only did Garden Grove have a variety of film-worthy locations, but also that the city’s hotels were less expensive for movie casts and crews.

The 2013 film “Star Trek Into the Darkness” used the Crystal (now Christ) Cathedral as a location for some scenes.

She also noted that a television pilot about young Vietnamese women growing up in the Little Saigon areas was under development.

Just before the conclusion of the meeting, Councilmember George Brietigam (District 1) slammed the city’s building and planning staffs for what he said were unreasonable delays in getting plans approved and inspections conducted.

He said he’s been complaining for four years and “staff are either unwilling or incapable” of improving. He vowed that if he didn’t see improvement by the end of the year, he would seek in January a council vote of “no confidence” in directors in those departments.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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