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Putin: Bridge attack “terrorism”

CRIMEAN KERCH BRIDGE (before attack).

The partial destruction of the Kerch Bridge linking Russia to the annexed territory of Crimea on Saturday was called a “terrorist act” by Russia President Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

Putin accused the Ukrainian special services units of the sabotage of the span with the use of a truck bomb.

Ukraine replied that that recent Russian attacks on civilian targets made the accusation of terrorism “too cynical even for Russia.”

While not claiming responsibility for the partial wrecking of the bridge, Ukrainian officials have not denied it, either. 

As a way of mocking Putin on his 70th birthday, a meme created by the Ukrainian postal service showed an explosion on the Kerch bridge alongside a cropped black-of-wide video of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John Kennedy.

Predict: GOP takes House, Dems keep Senate


With about a month to go before the Nov. 8 general election, FiveThityEight, a generally respected evaluator of polling, has the Republicans heavily favored to win back control of House of Representatives, but the Democrats likely to hold on to the Senate.

In the House, Republicans are given a 70 percent chance of victory, while the Democrats are given a 67 percent chance in the Senate.

Republicans could use their majority to foil plans by – or even try to impeach – President Joe Biden – but Democratic power in the Senate could allow them to appoint more federal judges as well as any Supreme Court openings that might occur in the next two years.

Sports: Bulldogs at top, Bruins leap up

To no one’s surprise, the defending college football champion Georgia Bulldogs (6-0) are again ranked number one in the AP Top 25, displacing Alabama.

A little more unexpected is UCLA’s rise to number 11. The Bruins (6-0) drew few kudos with wins over four relatively easy opponents, but two wins over nationally ranked opponents – Utah, this week – put them knocking on the door to the top10.

USC (6-0), by comparison, dropped one spot from sixth to seventh.

Here’s the new top five:  Georgia, Ohio State (6-0), Alabama (6-0), Clemson (6-0) and Michigan (6-0).

NFL: The Los Angeles Chargers (3-2) defeated the Cleveland Browns (2-3) by a score of 30-28 on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Rams (2-3) lost to the Dallas Cowboys (4-1) by 22-10.

Weather: Gliding into true autumn …

Noticed how not only are many of the trees turning colors, but the air feels a little different …? Despite the daytime temperatures lingering near the 80s, more typical fall weather is in its way.

The National Weather Service forecast for the West Orange County area calls for fog, clouds and some sun on Monday, with a daytime high of 79 (overnight low of 64).

Tuesday will be similar but slightly cooler at 77 (63). Wednesday warms a bit to 78, but by next Saturday the high floats down to 76. Sweater weather is approaching.

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